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Monday, August 26, 2013

Las Vegas: Teenage boy found dead in home

Police reported to a residence where a teenage boy had been discovered in a pool of blood Friday, afternoon 8/23/2013.
At about 3:50 pm. police responded to the 1900 block of Manhattan Drive where the teenager was found dead on the scene by EMTs.
Sunday, the Clark County Coroner's office identified the teen as 17-year-old Christopher Richard.
After a preliminary investigation, homicide detectives say the teenager suffered from an apparent gunshot wound.

Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 So Far

It is all about the new gang war. And I am not talking about the Sopranos or even those Biker Guys from 2011.

I don't know a whole lot about the Reno gangs, but obviously they feel the need to strike back when attacked. Although there have been a couple gang related murders, there has been as many non fatal shooting as well and I don't doubt many people in the neighborshoods are holding their collective breaths right now, waiting for the next assault.

There was also a shooting at the new Walmart on Glendale  but the victims name has not been released as yet. I'm not sure why the FBI is holding out on this info, but I imagine there is a reason.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

KTVN and FBI May Be Mathmatically Challenged

Just watched a story on Reno Channel 2 KTVN covering the FBI report that came out recently.
The problem is, I don't understand how they came out with just 6 Homicides in the City of Reno this year.. And since I can't find the actual FBI report online, I can't see how the report defines "Homicide" or "2011".
Are they only counting Murders through July 2011 (2011 is not over yet after all).
Are they not counting unsolved, or homicides with no one in custody?
Are they not counting "pled down" cases?

My count has the total at a hard 11 and possibly 13 if the RPD ever lets us know how the "Suspicious dead homeless guy in the park" case turned out, or if whatever happened on 11/11/11 was criminal.

By they way, reports like thist, and the quick parroting by the media, is EXACTLY why I started these sites: I didn't think their information was accurate. And now you and I KNOW it isn't.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Please Shoot Me

I realize tempers can flare when in traffic. People do "dumb" things from your vantage point, and it can be infuriating. Got it.

But why, for the love of God, would an unarmed man get out of their car at a stop light to "confront" an aleeged "tailgater"?

What good will come of it? What can one possibly expect to accomplish?

Well, I guess we can ask Devin Churchill exactly that question when he gets out of the hospital. Churchill was shot on Halloween after leaping from his Toyota on Vista Blvd in Sparks to confront a tailgater.

If Churchill had read this blog or looked at our DeathStatsSheet, he'd have known that lots and lots of people carry guns in northern Nevada, and many are good shots.

He is lucky he will have the chance to see the sheet, without his name on it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Real criminals are dumb?

If you're like me you watch a lot of TV. There are only two kinds of television shows on the tube these days, Police dramas and cooking shows. Both often involve knives (coincidence?)

And on these police drama crime shows criminals are often shown are brilliantly diabolical mad men operating with unseen motives begging for the sharp Instincts of a dashing detective to bring them to justice.

Of course here in Nevada, reality is less interesting.

The brilliant detectives of the Sparks Police Department merely had to push the OnStar button of our most recent victim stolen car to apprehend the diabolical murderer. I'm not bagging on the Sparks Police Department; I'm just saying they don't need Colombo on their payroll to solve these crimes,

In fact, police in the Truckee Meadows area have not really needed to use ANY of the sexy TV technology/tactics to solve crimes in 2011. although there are plenty of crimes that have not been solved, the ones that have been are kind of, well, dumb.

I thought this might just be a trend, "dumb criminals", and then I thought back to two of Reno's most notorious murderers of recent years the "Mack" and "Dennison" murders. In retrospect neither of those murders were solved with dashing police brilliance. Mack turned himself in after escaping to Mexico, and Dennison's murder was ratted out by a family member. after escaping to Washington state.

And although I might offer a suggestion to future murderers "turn off the OnStar on your victim's car", I suspect this will fall on deaf ears. After all, criminals, unlike on TV, are really dumb in reality.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Aces Parking Garage Gang Shooting

After a night of drinking two non-Reno gangs got in to a fight and got kicked out of the Freight House complex, only to have one gang pull out a rifle and open fire on the other gang's car.


The Sharks and the Jets these guys ain't, but a couple interesting items:
  • King's Beach Lake Tahoe has gangs. With rifles. And will really shoot you.
  • People from Tahoe come to Reno to Party Down
  • This is Reno's 5th gang related killing of the year, with (as yet) no bystander collateral damage. Either Reno is really lucky, or these Bangers are pretty good shots.
I wonder if some day our modern gang wars will be seen in the same light as old gangster movies, or Tony Montana Scarface, or Michael Jackson's "Beat It"? I hope not. Two little kids in Carson City lost their father last Sunday morning to a guy who figured "The Life" is better than Life.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Some needed Commentary and Pithy Remarks

When I first put this site together, the idea was to simply document to carnage and orovide a data source for homicides in the Reno Nevada Metro area. Since then, I've found that I'd like more room to comment on the respective crimes, pursuit of the guilty and perception of crimes statistics in the Northern Nevada area.

Although my comments may be opinionedated, the Facts of the crimes as found on this site will be the, err, facts as reported.